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Silent Spark Press

Astounding Short Stories

Astounding Short Stories

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As busy as we are these days, we don't have the time to explore new art forms and artists, which is a shame. We may never have the chance to find our would-be favorite authors to provoke, enchant, and inspire us for years to come. That's why we at Silent Spark Press created our digital art series--to save you the hassle!

We curate and upload new short stories each week in a highly organized manner to provide you the easiest and most cost-effective way of discovery.

Spend as much time on each writer or genre as your interest is piqued, and when you do find an author whose work resonates with you, browse their included biography for information on how you can find more of their work and perhaps purchase from their site directly.

All customers of Astounding Short Stories will also receive access to our fill Digital Art Series, which includes:

Poetry (Themes include: Coming of Age, Courage, Fear, Friendship, Humor, Love/Marriage, Memories, Nature & Wildlife, Pain, Religion, and More.)

Short Stories (Genres include: Mystery/Thriller, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor, Literary Fiction, Love/Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult, and More.)

Photography  (Types include: Abstract, Baking (some recipes included), Black-and-White, Cooking (some recipes included), Drone, Landscape, Travel, Urban, Wildlife, and More.)

More to come! (According to customer suggestions, we will constantly be adding new forms of art.)

Delivery method: After purchasing the subscription, you will receive an order confirmation email, which will also include the link to access the week's eBooks. For as long as you maintain your subscription, you will continue to receive weekly emails directing you to the newly uploaded art.

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